(image by caitlin cronenberg)

marina sulmona is unendingly curious about culture. she is a writer, editor, and producer who lives in new york city. as the former editor of passerby, she produced interviews of women from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles in their homes and commissioned features that offer genuine, reliable recommendations. very recently, she received an MA in media and culture at NYU. while at nyu, she specialized in visual culture with a specific emphasis on film and popular culture (read: she took every opportunity she could to write about sofia coppola or oddities like why people get married by elvis in las vegas). before moving to the city, she lived in toronto and worked in photography production at ARTHOUSE, where she fell in love with the act of nurturing creative vision (and teamed up with clients like apple, sephora, and variety). and before that, she went to mcgill, where she received a BA in economics and philosophy. all of marina’s work is guided by the intrigue of noticing the details in order to tell novel stories, and by an impulse to shine a spotlight into new corners of culture. this, too, led her to co-found photos to nourish, a print sale that raised funds for food banks canada during the pandemic.

read this, when passerby decided to interview her. then, drop her a line at marinasulmona(at)gmail(dot)com.

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